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Are you passionate about addressing the gaps in our traditional medical curricula, hoping to usher in a new paradigm for medical education? in-Training welcomes members of the medical student community and other health professionals to contribute to the in-Training Classroom.

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Each section of the in-Training Classroom contains information on relevant organizations and events, as well as educational resources for students seeking to learn about topics that are often overlooked in medical schools across the globe.

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Section Editors
Section Editors are student-leaders who are responsible for Section outreach, curating content, and collaborating with students and Community Experts to maintain high-quality content for each Section.

Community Experts
Our team of Community Experts include those with extensive experience related to one or more of the Sections on the in-Training Classroom. Community experts are a critical component of each Section, working with Section Editors to ensure that appropriate and timely content is posted.

Do you have a curriculum that you developed? News related to an organization of which you are a member? We encourage you to submit all relevant materials that you wish to make accessible to medical students across the globe.

Contributors share content with the in-Training Classroom, providing educational materials that will benefit medical students who are seeking to learn more about topics such as Social Justice and Narrative Medicine.